Our new favourite breakfast

This isn’t the usual thing that we’d write about but after our trip to Amsterdam, Dan and I have come up with what we like to call The Amsterdam Pancake (albeit a common recipe for a basic pancake). It’s pretty easy to make, I mean if I can make it then anyone should be able to. Here’s how to make it.

It’s basically equal quantities of milk, eggs and plain flour. Once it’s just starting to cook, cover it in ham and finish cooking. They’re super easy, and super quick!

So put your ingredients together into a bowl and start mixing until it’s watery.

Next, oil the pan and spread it around to the edges.

Pour the mixture into the pan and cover with your toppings (the ham).

When it starts to thicken, then you can start flipping it!

Then when you think it’s cooked, serve it up!

1st May 2017

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