Ed Sheeran Live

After a long time of waiting and a lot of nerves on the pre-ticket release day, we managed to get tickets to Ed Sheeran’s new album tour, The Divide Tour. I’ve wanted to see him perform live for a while now and missed out on previous shows so it was really amazing to actually be able to get tickets to go and see him. The Divide album is what I think is personally one of the best albums that has come out in a while. It’s very different to most others that have come out recently and is really diverse too.

I wasn’t really sure what songs he would play during the gig, he has 3 albums full of great songs so he could have played any it would have been an incredible show. By the sounds of what was said, he has a different set list for every gig of the tour. There was a good mix of old and new songs, and everyone seemed to know all the words to every song. The atmosphere was amazing.

He played all of his most popular songs like The A Team, Castle On The Hill, Shape Of You and Eraser. He also played some songs from his Multiply and Plus albums too which was nice to have him cover a range of his songs. It was also incredible to see just one person with a guitar and loop pedal on stage. Usually people have a full band of people playing instruments but it still worked really well.

It was definitely one of the best gigs either of us had ever been to, that’s for sure!

2nd May 2017

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