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Hi! How’s things with you? I’m Naomi and I am currently working as an analytical chemist for a multinational pharmaceutical company. I am a self confessed science geek with a love hate relationship with chemistry that I have learnt to accept. This blog is mainly here to satisfy my personal goal of having my own blog (and website), but I hope that in creating this for myself it interests others along the way. Please check out my blog posts and feel free to comment. You could also send me an email or contact me through the channels of social media. I’d love to hear from you with any suggestions/queries you may have.

5 random (& pretty irrelevant) facts about me:

  • I love animals;
  • I have an addiction to Costa and Nandos;
  • I own a classic mini and am pretty obsessed with it;
  • I would love to take time out and travel the world; and
  • I am currently living between the East Midlands and Essex, but my heart will always call Essex home.

That’s all for now, enjoy naomiclairepaul.co.uk